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Velvet Bar Stools with Soft Padded Seat, Armrests, Open Back and Metal Footrest, Modern Dining Room, Kitchen, Breakfast Island

Velvet Bar Stools with Soft Padded Seat, Armrests, Open Back and Metal Footrest, Modern Dining Room, Kitchen, Breakfast Island

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Luxurious Velvet Bar Stools with Modern Design

Elevate your kitchen or breakfast island with these stylish and modern bar stools. Designed for both comfort and luxury, these bar stools boast a range of features that make them the perfect addition to your home.

Key Features:

  • Velvet Upholstery: The bar stools feature sumptuous velvet upholstery, adding a touch of opulence to your seating experience. The rich texture of velvet enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

  • Soft Master Molty Foam Seat: Experience ultimate comfort with the soft and supportive Master Molty Foam seat. The plush padding ensures a relaxing and enjoyable seating experience, making these bar stools perfect for extended use.

  • Contoured Armrests: The inclusion of contoured armrests enhances the ergonomic design of the bar stools. Enjoy added support and relaxation while seated, making these stools ideal for leisurely meals or casual conversations.

  • Open Back Design: The open back design adds a modern and contemporary flair to the bar stools. It not only contributes to the overall aesthetic but also promotes a breathable and airy feel, keeping you comfortable.

  • Metal Footrest: The sturdy metal footrest serves both functional and decorative purposes. It provides a comfortable place to rest your feet, promoting a more relaxed sitting posture while adding a touch of industrial style.

Versatile Usage Scenarios:

  • Kitchen and Breakfast Island: Place these bar stools in your kitchen or around a breakfast island for a stylish and comfortable seating solution. Their modern design effortlessly complements contemporary kitchen spaces.

  • Entertaining Guests: Whether hosting a casual brunch or evening gathering, these bar stools are perfect for entertaining guests. The combination of velvet, foam padding, and stylish design creates an inviting atmosphere.

Upgrade your seating experience with these Luxurious Velvet Bar Stools, where modern design meets unparalleled comfort for a touch of sophistication in your home.


• Total Height: 36"
• Seat Height:  28"


  • The Product is Manufactured with Top-Notch Materials at our own Unit in Pakistan.
  • The Product is Order To Make and the Delivery of this Product may Take 10 to 15 Days & required 30% Advance Payment.
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