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Tufted Upholstered Velvet Bar Stool Metal Frame

Tufted Upholstered Velvet Bar Stool Metal Frame

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Revive Vintage Vibes with Our Modern Barstool

Rediscover the charm of vintage aesthetics with our modern barstool, a piece that seamlessly blends elegance and timeless design. The gold-toned legs and circular silhouette make a striking statement, while the soft velvet fabric adds a touch of luxury. Choose from four sophisticated tones – Light Gray, Dark Gray, Pink, and Green – to elevate your space with a hint of royalty, whimsy, or contemporary allure.

Key Features:

  1. Vintage Vibes Reimagined: The barstool effortlessly brings back vintage vibes, creating a perfect fusion with its gold-toned legs and circular design. It's a nod to the past with a contemporary twist.

  2. Luxe Velvet Upholstery: Crafted with premium quality luxe velvet upholstery, the barstool offers a plush and comfortable seating experience. The soft fabric enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and provides a touch of luxury.

  3. Versatile Color Options:

    • Light Gray: Achieve a classic and sophisticated look with the understated charm of light gray.
    • Dark Gray: Embrace a sense of modernity and mystery with the deep allure of dark gray.
    • Pink: Infuse a whimsical and playful atmosphere with the delightful touch of pink.
    • Green: Create a royal and regal ambiance with the rich and opulent green hue.
  4. Sleek Contemporary Design: The clean and sleek lines of the barstool make it a perfect fit for contemporary or urban settings. Its versatile design effortlessly adapts to various interior styles.

  5. Comfortable and Stylish: Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style as you relax on the plush seating. The barstool not only enhances your décor but also provides a cozy spot for relaxation.

  6. Timeless Appeal: With undeniable beauty and a classic, timeless design, this barstool becomes a focal point in any space. It's a statement piece that transcends trends.

Upgrade Your Seating Experience:

Transform your space with our modern barstool that captures the essence of vintage charm and contemporary sophistication. Choose the color that resonates with your style and elevate your home's ambiance. Whether you're aiming for classic elegance, modern mystique, or playful whimsy, this barstool promises to enhance your seating experience with a touch of luxury and enduring style.


Available in: Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Pink, Green

• 1 Bar Stool

Chair Dimensions
• Total Height: 35"
• Seat Height: 28"
• Seat Depth:  20"
• Seat Width:  24"

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